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Yet Another Book Haul!

Hello friends! I’ve slowed down in posting here the last two weeks or so, my work schedule has been whack.

I’ve also been swimming in ARC review deadlines. I thought I’d spaced them out to give myself enough time. But life, work and adulting got me on the swerve. I met the deadlines though, so *whew*

This coming work week, I’m back on my regular schedule so I should be more energized to post.

Here’s my latest collection book haul.

I got more books from Book Outlet so I could paint the edges.

I started buying BL/Yaoi manga. I’m excited to read these!

I ordered Felix Ever After paperback from Book Depository, the first batch of prints are special because of that gorgeous edge design.
US release for Heartstopper isn’t until December this year, so I ordered mine from the UK! I wish it was the signed one but it isn’t.

I think I have one batch that I forgot to take a photo of. Oh well. *shrug* I have more coming. I’ve been spray painting my book edges too. It’s fun and it’s beautiful. That will be in my next entry. 😉

What have you been up to lately?

Keep safe!

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