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Unboxing: Obsidian Moon Crate

I’m not much of a book box subscriber. For one, they’re not exactly cheap. It’s definitely a luxury for book lovers. But that doesn’t mean I don’t oohh and ahh on the various special edition books these boxes come with. Illumicrate, OwlCrate and Fairlyloot has one of the prettiest special editions I’ve seen. I do buy the special edition books whenever they’re available.

So, last month being the Pride month, I decided to splurge and buy two book boxes. One of the book boxes I got is from Obsidian Moon Crate. They had a Pride themed box. I was very excited! The box was pretty popular and I was so glad I was able to get myself one.

When it got here, it was with considerable weight and the box was big. Opening it was like Christmas in July!

Here are the photos of the contents of my first book box splurge from Obsidian Moon Crate:

Obsidian Moon Crate Box Pride Flap
I love this flap!
Challenge card
Spoiler Card with this beautiful artwork of Neil and Andrew from Foxhole Court
Rainbow tissue paper. Obsidian Moon Crate is so on point with their branding!
Queer AF pin from @pinnedinstarlight on IG
Book sleeve with Andrew and Neil from All For The Game
Reverse side of the book sleeve by @llstarcasterll on IG

This beautiful Equality tapestry is by @bloodydamnit on IG

I love this Felix Ever After sticker by @bloodydamnit
Crown Chasers magnet by @alyesasworld on IG

You Should See Me In A Crown inspired headband by OMC and @Fablebands on IG

Cemetery Boys Candle by @Blueforestblackmoon on IG. This smells good!
Cute chakra cyrstal by @connectcoetsy
Ronan and Adam mug by @oblilvionsdream on IG
I love this Priority of the Orange Tree art print by @morgana0anagrom on IG
All For the Game art print (& spoiler card) by @llstarcasterll on IG
Across the Green Grass Fields keychain by @alyesasworld
I LOVE these bookmarks! It matches the Equality tapestry.
The reverse side of the bookmarks by @jemlin_c
The box came with two signed books!
Hardcover copy of The Witch King by HE Edgmon with signed book plate and author's letter.
Maz Maddox's 3rd Relic book, King and Queen! Plus this beautiful artwork of my favorite couple of the series, Dalton and Neil! Look at those cute chili stickers! Oh and those post cards of Smash & Grab and Sink or Swim have ebook download codes! Very very cool!
Maz Maddox's Relic series goodies! I love that King and Queen is signed!
Look at them goodies! I truly got my money's worth with this box! I love it!

Are you a book box subscriber? Which one is your favorite?

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