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Teaser: C*ock Blocked by KC Kassidy

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It’s not easy being someone you’re not.

Grayson Darling is suddenly the new Hollywood “it” guy and needs a break from stardom. As an American actor turned heartthrob, Gray rose to superstar status as a romantic lead on a popular streaming service – but it’s getting harder to hide who he really is.

To his legions of female fans, he’s a handsome, single and straight man.

But it’s all a made-for-TV lie.

Needing a holiday during the show’s summer hiatus, Gray books a stay at a rural Ireland B&B, where he hopes the scenery and solitude will spark creativity to finish his first screenplay. And allow him time to figure out who and what he wants to be to the world.

Gruff and steady Niall O’Reardon wonders if this is all life has to offer him now that he’s retired from the Gaelic football league and has taken over his family farm in Boyle, Ireland, where hard work is simply a fact of life. A place where dreams get shoveled up along with the sheep muck. He has no illusions that he’ll find the perfect love or start a family someday.

Until his new handsome American B&B guest shows up, messing with his ideas on what love is supposed to be, giving him hope that he can have it all and that perfect isn’t just a fantasy.

But choices must be made, and the truth has consequences. And hearts and reputations are on the line and need to be protected.

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