• April

Of the things I learned during my first book signing

I've been wanting to write down some helpful thoughts of the things I've learned during my first book signing, GRL, last weekend.

  • Basic infos first. Make sure you know the schedule of the event. What time it starts, what time it ends, the location, and most importantly, if the event is free or ticketed.

  • Wear comfortable shoes. I get it, sometimes we want to strut our fashionista selves. But book signing sometimes gets hectic, there are lines, people, books and if your shoes aren't comfortable it might take away from you enjoying the experience.

  • Get ready to be social. We readers are mostly introverts. We like our own corners, content to read and not be bothered. Book signings can be overwhelming if you don't prepare yourself to mingle, to say hi and to be around people who love to read the same books as you.

  • Have a plan. What I meant by this is, have a plan of attack. For me, during GRL signing, I made sure to approach the authors whose books I already have with me. I have the books grouped and sorted out. That way, I can put away the books I already have with me. Then I went to the authors I have pre orders for and pick up the books. This plan helped tremendously, I didn't have to dig back and forth between books I want signed and the books I picked up and were already signed.

  • Make sure you have something adequate and sturdy to carry your books. When I was at GRL, I went to the signings with a backpack on and my Tory Burch large tote. I'm specifying the tote brand because this one held up with all the books I carried in it. It was truly worth the money! I saw people using book carts, carry on suitcases, book totes and backpacks. Just make sure it's enough for all the books you're getting.

  • Make sure you know if the authors or the organizers have limits of books or items to be signed. I went to GRL with suitcases filled with books. It's not an exaggeration. But before I carried most of the books in my bookshelf, I got in touch with authors and made sure they're cool with signing 5 millions books or that they don't have any limits. If there's a long line, split the books in two batches. First batch, have the author sign them. Then go back down the line for the second batch. I'm doing it out of courtesy. There are other readers who want their stuff signed too and you don't want to be the one holding up the line with all the books needed to be signed.

  • Try to stop by every author's table. When I was at GRL, once I already have my books signed and pre orders squared away, I went up to most of the authors table. I had an 11x14 print with me and I asked every author I approached if they could sign it. I didn't know some of the authors in that event, I didn't need to know them, but I want to be there for them, to say hi and to get to know their work and of course, their signature too.

  • Have a back up plan. I flew to St. Louis. I knew the probability of me mailing books was high. So I looked up the nearest post office, their business hours and if I could buy supplies from them, which I did. I mailed a box, 20 lbs worth of books from my first signing, home. I also checked UPS store and its whereabouts, in case the post office didn't work out.

  • Be in the moment. I'm not going to lie, my first day of signing felt overwhelming. I didn't know anybody, but I was on a mission to get my books signed. I savored every feeling. I barely got any photos. I just lived through the moment and was present. My phone was in my back pocket.

  • Enjoy! Truly, you're going to meet your own version of rock stars. Enjoy every minute of it.

This was my first batch of books during GRL's featured authors signing event. My pink Tory tote was full of books. It held up and I'm in awe.