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Of Amassing Signed Books

Back when I was living in Japan, I used to have some books sitting on bookshelves but when it was time for us to move back Stateside, I had to donate most of it because books weigh a lot and well, every bit counts.

Recently, I got myself my dream shelves, you know the Pinterest-basic-IKEA-Billy-wrap-around-two-walls kind of shelf.

my own lil shelfie

I've been slowly filling them up with books, paperbacks and hardbacks and I promised myself I'd fill the shelves with books that I love and they should mostly be signed books. See, authors are my rock stars and signed books are my jam. About 90% of my books right now are signed.

I finally got myself a signed copy of Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

I've been ordering most of my signed books directly from the authors or through indie bookshops they endorse on their social media profile. It's pretty neat and I get the thrill of opening book mails and seeing some personalized dedication.

Hands down, one of my most favorite personalized signed message

Sometimes, I get very lucky, wonderful authors like Patricia Logan will send me signed books and I cry because she's one of my favorite authors and here's her signed book making my day brighter.

signed copy of Patricia Logan's latest Death and Destruction series book, Fire and Ice

I've also been ordering signed bookplates, specially from authors who are not based stateside like NR Walker or Louisa Masters, shipping books from Australia is expensive, so I just order signed bookplates and I stick it in them books.

Do you like signed books? I mean, who doesn't? But do you prefer it? Where do you usually order yours? Which book is the most prized signed one currently in your possession? I'd love to know.

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