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Of Book Signing Events

So, I just got my first book signing even ticket. Well, technically, I got it last Saturday. It's for Indies Invade Philly this coming November.

I'm going mostly for a few authors who writes both MF and MM romance books. Sarina Bowen will be there and I need her to sign my Thai copy of Him and Us. Maybe I'll see Elle Kennedy someday and she can sign those too.

I also can't wait to meet a few audiobook narrators. Teddy Hamilton will be there and yeah, I might lose my calm and fan girl awkwardly. I may also need to change my identity after I embarrass myself spectacularly.

This will be my officially first, for now, book signing event. It'll be in Philadelphia, and I'm planning the trip as early as now. I'm going to be taking the train from DC because there's no way I'm driving to Philly all by my crazy self. Although, it's looking like I might go to GRL in St. Louis this October too. We shall see. For now, I'm excitedly planning my trip to Philly.

To be honest, my awkward introverted self is a whole lot nervous. I don't know anybody there, I'm flying solo and I don't know what to expect. I'm also going as a blogger so I'm already thinking of numerous content for the event. Expect photos more than words because I'll probably be flustered.

I'm also excited. This will be a new bookish milestone adventure for me.

Have you ever been to book signings? Where? What's your favorite part about it?

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