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Of Book Conferences And Signing Events

So, Wednesday this week, I'll be on my merry way to St. Louis, Missouri. What's in Missouri, you ask? Well, it's the annual GRL retreat. Basically, it's a conference for readers of gay romance books and gay romance authors. I summed it up to a gathering of happy readers meeting their favorite authors talking about their favorite books.

Full disclosure though, I did not sign up for the retreat. Trust and believe that I tried back in July, around the same time I booked my flight and my hotel accommodation. For some reason, my bank blocked the first charge. I cleared it with them and they said I could retry, then it got blocked again and got flagged as fraudulent charge. Several phone calls later, I was over it and said I'll try again later, way later to make sure it'll go through. I just kept procrastinating. Meanwhile, I noticed several authors dropped out from attending the event. Big authors I looked forward to saying an awkward hello to, and get my books signed. So, I was really torn if I should still go or not anymore. I was also supposed to meet a few friends I met online. They too have decided not to go, COVID-19 cases aren't looking good in STL specially a month or so ago. Long story short, I procrastinated too much, and until last week when I was informed to either use it or lose it. Well, crap.

So yeah, I'm going just to the book signing. GRL tickets are no longer sold. Luckily the signing event is open to the public, so that's a big plus! I think I'll still be able to meet a few people even without participating in the other events.

I'm flying solo and this is my first time going to a book signing this massive. I think it'll be fun. I'm excited but also nervous.

One thing is for sure, I'm looking forward to get my books signed. No joke, I'm flying with a suitcase full of books. My clothes will be in a duffle bag. Lol.

Have you been to a book signing event? What was that like for you?

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