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What got me started on M/M Romance books?

Aside from photography and radio broadcasting, reading is one of my favorite things to do. For a few years now, I’ve been reading a certain genre — M/M stories. Mostly romance, a lot of paranormal, mystery and mystery. But all M/M books.

A friend asked me why, since I’ve been unapologetic about it. I asked back, “why not?”.

It started when I started to feel burnt out from reading mainstream paranormal romance. I’ve always loved books with kick ass heroine, Thea Harrison, Nalini Signh and Patricia Biggs are a few of my favorite authors. But after I read their books, I’d crave for more (this is typical for any bookworm), and I’d scour Goodreads for more recommendations. I’ll start reading a few books that would capture my interest but sooner or later I’d get bored because it felt like it’s the same old thing over and over again.

Damsel in distress sitch always made me cringe. Alpha a-holes treating the woman like she is not capable of doing anything for herself drove me nuts.

I stumbled upon a book where it featured a triad. Two males, one female. In the middle of reading the book, I started wishing the female was out of the picture, I thought, how awesome the story would have been because the men have a really good chemistry.

So, I went on Goodreads and it was a whole new world after the search results popped up.

My first gay romance read was Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson. It's a sci-fi book about a Needler and a Pilot fighting aliens from the outer space. The premise of the story was a bit out there, but also engaging. I started reading more gay romance books after that story and I never stopped.

It’s been a few years since and I’ve only occasionally picked up M/F books. I’m very happy and content reading M/M romance books. I’ve met wonderful people through the community of writers and readers.

This space of mine is where I can rave and talk about these books that I love, books that make me laugh, books that frustrate me and books with characters making me feel like they're my friends.

But because I'm me, I'm adding a new component to it. I want to do them in audio, once I'm able to.

Enjoy the ride and welcome to my little world.

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