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Audiobook Review: Natural Twenty by Charlie Novak

Natural Twenty by Charlie Novak

Narrated by Joel Leslie

listened via Audible

When I picked this audiobook based on recommendations and popular pick on Facebook groups, I did not read the blurb. I know, shocking. I went in blind so I didn’t know this was set in the UK. So when Joel Leslie started narrating, I had a hard time understanding what he was saying. I had to adjust to the accent, but as soon as I did, I was finally able to enjoy the listening experience.

It’s a sweet love story set in a small town, Lincoln (I think), between Leo, a sexy tattooed loner florist who owns Wild Thing— a flower shop and Jay, a Londoner transplant who is a new owner of The Lost World, an indie bookshop.

It‘s a gradual process of friendship, to getting to know each other deeper and falling in love. There’s a few sheets scorching scenes, Charlie didn’t skimp on those, which was a fun surprise. I adore stories with bookshops, I adore nerdy and geeky MCs and I love man buns. Lol.

This book is low angst, high heat, full of snarky banter and I enjoy learning about floriography.

If you’re into Dungeons and Dragons, then for sure, you’ll love this one. If you’re a big fan of Netflix’s The Witcher, you’ll enjoy the references sprinkled on some parts. If you’re a Twilight fan, then you’ll definitely crack up because in this book, Jacob and Edward are the best of friends and they’re even having tea time. 😂

It’s a fun listen and the epilogue made me go “awww, my eyes are kind of condensing.” 🥺💜

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