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Audiobook review: In Wulf’s Clothing by B.A. Tortuga

In Wulf’s Clothing by BA Tortuga

Narrated by John Solo

listened via hoopla digital

Friends to lovers is my favorite trope. I’m a huge sucker for it. Now give me a book that contains shifters with second-chance best friends to lovers, I’m all over that!

Trey has always wanted to see what’s out there, out in the big big world. Their alpha at that time was a massive asshole. ”Things” happened and Trey was banished, leaving everything behind including his heart and his mate, Cory.

Picture this: it’s been years since Trey and Cory has seen each other. Cory wasn’t even sure if Trey survived the banishment. What he thought was an ordinary day would be extraordinary because that’s the day Trey is coming back to town for a visit, it’s his brother’s wedding who just happens to be the new alpha. wont I won’t spoil it how it exactly happened but I live for scenes like this. The beginning of second chances.

I liked the flow of the story, it wasn’t rushed. The chemistry between Wulf and Cory has always been there, no matter how many years they’ve been apart. I love the “peace offerings”.

The supporting characters in this story are very likable too. The antagonist, George aka the former alpha asshole, is really a douchecanoe.

The world-building in this shifter story is unique, Trey’s old pack is an isolated very conservative pack living in the canyons somewhere in northern New Mexico. Most of them never leave and they don’t take outsiders lightly.

There’s a bit of action scenes in this book. Now, when I think of shifters and conflict, I think of that big fight scene, MC’s redeemed and the villain is either dead or put in his place.

The conflict-resolution in this book is what surprised me the most. It also had me laughing out loud. I still chuckle when I think about it.

John Solo really did an excellent job with his narration in this book. There’s a lot of “mind talk” and it was interesting how he navigated through all that with his narration.

If you’re looking for a best friends who got their second chance of their HEA, a shifter romance, chosen family, supportive family members and lovable characters, then this one is for you.


When werewolf Trey is banished from Lobo Canyon, scarred and bleeding, he vows never to come back. His best friend with benefits, Cory Benally, never expects to see him again, for sure, so it comes as quite a shock when Trey shows up for the pack alpha’s wedding. The alpha is Trey’s brother, and sheriff Cory’s boss, and when they’re thrown together Cory isn’t sure what the heck to do.

Now a famous clothing designer who goes by Wulf, Trey doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He’s there to do the dresses and suits for his brother’s wedding, and Cory can go take a flying leap. Except he and Cory still have the same sizzling chemistry. And the love. When danger lurks around the corner for Trey, Cory has to protect him, and prove this time he’s willing to fight for Trey’s love, no matter what.

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