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Audiobook Review: Borrowing Blue by Lucy Lennox

Borrowing Blue by Lucy Lennox

Narrated by Michael Dean

Listened via Audible

A sweet contemporary fake-boyfriend romantic story set in Napa, the wine country of California.

Blue was there for his sister’s wedding and Tristan was too, his brother is the groom. Oh and Tristan owns the vineyard! The setting of the story, being that it’s supposed to be a wedding, was perfect. It also set the intimate, “secluded bubble” that allowed Blue and Tristan to get to know each other better.

The clincher was Blue’s ex, Jeremy was invited to the wedding too & Jeremy brought his new boy toy to the event. The first scene of the book is exactly this: Seeing your ex with a new guy, Blue sitting there trying to keep his wits about him, talking to a handsome straight stranger. Tristan meeting Blue is one of those story-defining moments. One thing lead to another and there was a kiss and well.. the story unfolds.

It was such an enjoyable listen. No unnecessary drama between the main characters. What I love about their story is that these two actually communicate. Even Blue’s insecurities were relatable and Tristan’s steady presence was so comforting. They talk it out, even when it’s not the easiest thing to do.

Blue came from a big, warm and loving family. It’s such a contrast with Tristan’s smaller family and his mom and his brother are homophobes. His dad was decent.

I love stories with big families filled with zany characters. They make the best hysterical moments.

Of course, there’s family drama in this book. But Blue and Tristan managed to overcome those, albeit shakily in some moments.

The pace of the story was perfect. The resolution of a major challenge Blue and Tristan were facing was carried out well. It did not feel rushed and it was just as how it should be.

Michael Dean’s narration gave this book life. The characters’ voices were distinct and the narration was well done.

What a fun, sweet and romantic story. I’m late to the Made Marian party but I’m here for it now. All of it.

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