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ARC Review: Thicker Than Blood by Alice Crane

Thicker Than Blood by Alice Crane

ARC provided by Gay Romance Reviews

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My thoughts:

I was really looking forward to reading this one. The premise sounds interesting. Special Forces Soldier meets and falls for Super Uncle.

I don’t know what it is about the writing style, but sometimes it appears to be a bit inconsistent with the pace. The ending felt rushed. There’s some things in the plot that I couldn’t connect. There seems to be an imbalance in the story. There’s not a whole lot more of Daniel’s issue and his process of accepting and dealing with and becoming a single father. That’s a whole lot of unpack and it felt like there wasn’t a lot focused on that. On the other hand, Charlie’s drama and poor choices have been more focused in the book.

I struggled with Eli’s character. I didn’t like that while Eli appears to be fierce in his own way, with his tongue described as cutting, he was a big doormat of his sister’s. A pushover and unknowingly enabling her. It’s like his propensity for sticking his head down the sand didn’t just stop with Charlie, he did it a heck of a lot with Daniel. It was so unnecessary. And for somebody who allegedly has sharp tongue, he sure as heck froze with insecurities when Peter was lashing out.

Daniel is adorable. His family is awesome. Lucas’ antics had me laughing. His team is a trip too! I liked reading those scenes. Same goes with the kids.

There’s a big moment here in the book, and I could not believe Eli’s reaction. I almost stopped reading after that part because it was ridiculous. A loving uncle and protective brother wouldn’t just do that. Ugh.

Overall, it’s an okay read. It wouldn’t be something I’ll be re-reading though. I just expected more out of it and maybe it’s on me, but something was just missing.

My rating:

3 stars


Two men conflicted, one all-consuming attraction.

As an Australian Special Forces Commando Daniel knows that there are no guarantees in life. When he returns home from a surprise deployment to find his partner has left him and he has been left alone with a baby on the way, he finds his world shifting beneath him. The last thing he needs is to add a new heartache to his list of complications. But there’s something about Eli that turns his head and he just can’t resist the temptation.

Eli barely has time for himself, let alone time to find a man to share his life with. He is trying to keep his sister from self-destructing while caring for her three children. Eli has no idea what to do with a hunky solder that pushes all his buttons and demands every part of him.

Can they convince each other – and themselves – that life is better together than apart?

This book contains mature themes and is a HEA filled with hot snarky men who can’t resist falling in love.

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