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ARC Review: The Endgame by Riley Hart

The Endgame by Riley Hart

ARC copy provided by Riley Hart's ARC Group

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My Thoughts:

A Senator and an NFL football player walked in a bar...

A Senator slid in the football player's DM...

I have always been a big fan of Riley Hart's writing style. She's one of those authors who writes multi-faceted characters that connects with you and once you started reading their story, it's impossible to put it down. You're in for one masterful storytelling. And she's done that again with Weston and Anson's story.

Oh Anson, my little bashful football player indeed. My heart ached for him as he struggled. I could feel how stifling his life had been for him. I could feel his indecisiveness, his denial, his loneliness. I even understood his own justification on why it's safer for him to stay in the closet. I felt for Anson and I wanted to give him a big hug. But also, I'm so proud of him.

Then there's Weston, sweet mother of all things sexy and cocky. His big heart, confidence, intelligence and unapologetic ways, it made him unique and not a stereotypical smarmy politician. I connected with the person that is West and not just Weston the Senator. His brand of humor and snarkiness was precious. He had me laughing. "It's a gift", he said. I agree. I love that Weston was a patient, loving, supportive of Anson. He's out and proud but he never made Anson felt less because Ans isn't.

Weston and Anson are a team and while each of them have their own emotional baggage, they both faced their adversity and conquered it. Their happiness and being together was their endgame.

I really enjoyed how their relationship progressed. It was organic. From how they met, to how they talked and how they gradually had gotten closer and somehow endeared to each other and become each other's safe space without even thinking twice.

I wouldn't consider this book as angsty, but it is very emotional. Truly, all the feels. There's no drama between two MCs. They communicated and made things work and I love that. I'm not a big fan of unnecessary conflict just for the sake of having a conflict.

Riley brought up a lot of real-life struggles here. How cruel sports worlds can be for athletes. The implications of what it could do to their career and their reputation. Even outside sports, the nerve-wracking scary moment of coming out, of always having to come out. She wrote them all in this book, truth bombs that I hope would teach us all compassion and kindness.

The Endgame is one of those books that will stay with me for a long while... so good.

I definitely recommend this book, it's full of love, snark, hope, overcoming challenges and joy in living your best authentic life.

My rating:

All the stars for this one!



When I left home, I swore I'd never hide anything about myself again. From college, to law school, to the United States Senate representing California, I've done it all as an out gay man. So, when I'm in DC and see a beautiful guy at the hotel bar, I don't hesitate to proposition him...right before he runs out on me, leaving his sunglasses behind like my very own Cinderfella.


I've always known I'm gay, but never acted on it. Pretending isn't easy, but it means I can keep playing football. No one has ever guessed my secret until the gorgeous man at a bar in DC. At least he doesn't know who I am--the best tight end in the NFL, playing for the Atlanta Lightning. Though my identity doesn't stay a secret from him for long.

Between texts and late-night phone calls, we get to know each other. West's the only person who knows all the parts of me, just like I know his. When he asks for one night together so he can show me what it's like to be with a man, I can't say no. But once isn't enough, and we keep sneaking around together--brief encounters, in California, Georgia, or DC, filled with passionate touches and whispered truths.

I never thought I'd have love. West never thought he'd want it. Now we're all in with each other, but he still has time left in his Senate term. I have contract obligations to fulfill, and I'm closeted. We don't even live in the same state. The odds are stacked against us, but if there's one thing I know, it's how to win. He's the endgame in the biggest challenge of my life, the one I'm banking my future happiness on.

Disclaimer : I can't believe I have to say this. While I received a free ARC for this book, that did not influence my views and opinions about this book. Who's got time to not be truthful on their book reviews anyway? smh.

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