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ARC Review: The End Zone by Riley Hart

The End Zone by Riley Hart

ARC provided by Riley Hart ARC Group

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My Thoughts:

This has got to be my top favorite book that Riley Hart has ever written (it put Endless Shades of Blue to #2 now).

I loved West and Anson’s story, theirs was wonderful. But I love Darren and Jeremy’s story even more. Something about Darren that’s so fleshed out, you can’t help but connect with him. He’s such a good guy with a big heart and even when he was finding his footing in this whole new world he found himself in, he was still funny, loving, caring and compassionate. Perfect for Jeremy who really didn’t stand a chance of not falling for him.

There’s so much character development in this story which Riley’s really great at. The pacing was great, nothing dragged on. The story is very engaging and Darren and Jeremy’s chemistry, it was very palpable. I love that they were a team, facing their challenges as a united front even if insecurities creep up.

I love how this book pulls different emotions, from swooning, to laughing out loud at Darren and Jeremy’s banter, to awww-ing because family and friends in their lives are just precious, to being all clingy because you want more pages of stories and wishing the epilogue was longer.

My Rating:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ lightning stars!



Seeing my best friend West, happy with his fiancé opened my eyes to things I’ve been missing in my own marriage. My divorce, which was amicable, followed. Strangely, at West’s wedding, I find myself confiding in Darren, the straight, confirmed bachelor and star quarterback of the Atlanta Lightning. Darren is a full-steam-ahead kind of guy, and one talk leads to hanging out, swapping phone numbers, and pranking West and Anson while they’re on their honeymoon. When I head back to California, I expect our chats to end, but I couldn’t be more wrong.


I still can’t say how it happened, how a random decision to strike up a conversation with Jeremy turned into…whatever this is. All I know is, months later, my days aren’t complete until we tell each other good night. Whether it’s on our calls or when he flies to Atlanta, we talk about everything, lying awake together half the night. Jeremy’s got me feeling…different. If it was just my newly discovered bisexuality, that’d be one thing. I’m not one to stress about being into a man for the first time. It’s the other stuff, the way he makes my pulse race and my heart swell, that’s throwing me for a loop.

I didn’t think I was made for relationships, but I want it all with him. Except, it feels like as soon as we make it past one obstacle, there’s an even bigger one waiting for us. We just have to keep our heads in the game and our eyes on the prize, to make it to the end zone, before one last tackle takes us down for good.

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