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ARC Review: Heart by Timothy Warren

Heart by Timothy Warren

ARC provided by Timothy Warren’s ARC Team

Available through Amazon / Kindle Unlimited

My thoughts:

This book put a smile on my face and a chuckle as soon as I started reading it. Mikey’s joy is shining through the pages. The book started out like an opening scene of a romantic comedy show, complete with radio show references after the most vivid “dream” scene Mikey had. I knew it was going to keep me smiling after that.

What I love about this feel-good book is the fact that it’s an everyday-Joes falling-in-love kind of story. There’s no rockstars, there’s no bazillionaires, just a postman with contagious joy and singing pipes like no other, and a chef who’s moving on from a devastating loss of his husband.

The journey Mikey and George went through to find HEA with each other is so endearing. It’s not perfect but it’s theirs. Even their bedroom stuff, Mikey’s early pearlies.. it’s all real-life stuff that couples facez George and Mikey worked through that challenge too.

There are tender moments in this book as well. Moments that made me teary-eyed. All real feels. I also loved that Mr. Warren put in a lot of songs in the scenes, it sets the mood and I listened to them while reading the scenes itself. Amazing!

The supporting characters in this story are remarkable too. I’ll forever be thinking May and George are indeed the Circle’s own Will and Grace.

Oh, and now I have another author to instantly follow! I’m going to have to backread the other books in this series.

If you’re in search of an adorable talented bear and a loving chef, then this book is the one you’re looking for. It’s a feel-good, smile-through-pages, all-heart, read.

My rating:

Four happy stars!


Chef, George Patras, is embracing life again. It’s been two years since David’s death and to honor him he’s opening a restaurant in his name.

Michelangelo Napolitano is a sweet bear of a guy, known in Dupont Circle as the singing mailman. He’s cute, funny, bold, impulsive, and light on his feet—one of which is often in his mouth.

George’s restaurant is on Mikey’s route. They see each other daily, yet date the wrong people. Will they ever see they’re perfect for each other?

There’s more Circle magic in this romantic comedy of blind dates, new love, and a whole lot of HEART.

Heart: Tales of the Circle Book 3, is a romantic comedy set in the gayborhood of Dupont Circle, in Washington, DC. It features characters from prior novels in the series that may enhance your enjoyment, but can easily be read as a standalone.

This book contains mature content.

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