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ARC Review: Ex-Rivals by Zoe Lee

Ex-Rivals by Zoe Lee

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My Thoughts:

Finally! An enemies-to-lovers book that isn’t rushed. Unlike the other books I’ve read, this one actually took its time to get resolved.

The animosity, specially coming from Camdon is intense. Julian, even though hurt, is more resigned and is an expert level in keeping his hurt feelings contained. These two really are top notch on the ‘not getting out of their own way’ achievement. They could have easily cleared the air, the years of misunderstanding and miscommunication, if they’d just sat down and really talk about it. But that would be too easy! Their complicated and complex shared history made it all believable and less frustrating and you can understand why it took that long for them to resolve their issues.

I felt the intensity building up until the tension seemed like it was gonna burst! Then bam, the reckoning and facing their feels. These two were straddling that fine line between love and hate. It was great to see them work through their issues.

If you love second chances, solid friendships, interfering siblings and chosen family, complex yet lovable characters, then this book is for you. Be patient, these two really took their own time before their hard-earned HEA. It’s worth it though. This one is book 3 of an ongoing series, but can be read as a stand-alone.

My Rating:



Julian Corelli

After fifteen years, I’m back in Chicago for a new job, with enough sass and charm to power the city forever. There’s two million people here, and only one I never want to see again, so it’s totally fine. Except who do I come face-to-face with on my very first night back? My ex-rival, my ex… nevermind.

Camdon Gaines

As if getting over a breakup isn’t bad enough, the worst person I’ve ever had the displeasure to know is at my favorite club on guys’ night, laughing with my best friends. He’s still the most infuriating man, but at least I faced him, lost my temper a little, and now it’s case closed.

Except now that we’ve crossed paths once, it’s like we’re cosmically handcuffed together. Everyone else thinks he’s the funniest, cleverest man and they want to be his new bestie. But I know the real Julian - there’s no way I can ever trust him again after what he did to me, even if he’s acting like I’m the one who ruined everything the night of my twenty-first birthday.

This is a 70k word slow burn, enemies-to-lovers, second chance romance with a guaranteed HEA. It’s the third book in the Local Beats series and can be read as a standalone, but is more fun if read in order.

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