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ARC Review: Bad Intentions by Ella Frank

Bad Intentions by Ella Frank

ARC provided by Ella Frank’s MM ARC Group

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My thoughts:

I believe there is no chance in hell that Ella Frank is capable of writing a bad book. She’s been consistent with her books giving me eyebags because I can’t put the thing down.

Ella Frank worked her magic once again, with another spin off (of a spin off) featuring Marcus St. James who we met in Alexander and Sean’s series. He’s Xander’s boss who hired Sean to be Xander’s bodyguard.

Marcus was a strong presence in the Prime Time series. He was ”the aloof untouchable big wig who doesn’t give AF on the surface.” I knew he cares because he made sure Xander was safe.

In “Bad Intentions”, we slowly peel layers of Marcus St. James. I enjoyed getting to know him. I certainly know Marcus isn’t ballin’ on a budget. You’ll see more of this as you read this book, but hello president of a number one TV station! It was fun getting to know Marcus. I love that he’s a balance of class and sophistication but also grounded because he knows he’s earned it all through hard work. He’s committed to his career and doesn’t have much time for personal life.

Well... Until he met Gabriel Romero.

Gabe. Dios Mio! I love getting to know Gabe. I can best describe Gabe as ”if Logan and Tate had a baby, it would be him.” He reminds me so much of Logan‘s boldness, fun-loving spirit and mischief. But he also reminds me of Tate when he’s being serious and vulnerable.

The early chapters in this book had me laughing out loud and cringing because Gabe dug himself a hole. Then he went back and dug it deeper. I couldn’t put the book down because I was so invested on how he’s going to get himself out of the situation that was a product of his (comedic to me) choices. But ultimately, it all worked out for him.

And the (popped) cherry on this amazing cake of a book, we get cameos of Logan and Tate. That was such a treat for me. I savored every minute of it. I almost want to yell at Logan and Tate, “Guys! Meet your son!”.

This is an age-gap, opposites attract romance. It ends in a bit of a cliffy because it’s a duet. The next book, Good Intentions, comes out in June.

This book. It’s HOT because Ella Frank. It’s also sweet and has tender moments, because Ella Frank. It has a lot of good comedic timing because Ella Frank. It‘s one of those books where you have to read in one sitting because Ella Frank.

So yeah, I’m strongly recommending this book, if that wasn’t obvious.

Please don’t blame me for the sleepless night because you can’t stop yourself from reading “one more chapter”, we both know this book is worth it. 😉

My Rating:

Five Hot Stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


My name isn’t Logan Mitchell, but Marcus St. James doesn’t know that…

When I showed up at my roommate’s work party, the last thing I expected was to find a man straight out of my dreams. But when the crowd parted and the fates aligned, there he was, waiting for me. Marcus St. James, president of ENN WorldWide News.

Sexy and powerful, with a stare that could freeze you in place, Marcus was the perfect reward for securing a job at Mitchell & Madison, the best law firm in Chicago. To play with the big fish, however, one must become a big fish, and that’s where my little white lie began.

It was one night. I was never going to see him again, and from the second we spoke, I knew he was interested. It was there in his eyes, the same fire in my veins. It was there in his voice, whenever he said my name.

The only problem? It wasn’t my name, and now I wanted more—much more.

But how can anything good come out of something that started with such bad intentions?

Bad Intentions is the first book in the Intentions Duet.

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