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ARC Review: Ache by Marley Valentine

Ache by Marley Valentine

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My Thoughts:

Have you ever looked forward to a book so much, that when it comes out, you're almost too anxious to read it? That's how I feel with the latest Marley Valentine book, "Ache". Apparently, this is an expanded version of Regrets and Resolutions, a novella Marley released earlier. I have not read that yet, so this is a brand new experience for me.

The title says it all, there's a lot of ache in this book. There's that ache of pining for your best friend. The ache of letting go of who you have to embrace who you truly want. The ache of finally holding on to happiness and wanting to never let it go. There's also the ache of a heart breaking, because hearts were broken somewhere along the way in this book. The angst is real on this one.

I'm a sucker for friends to lovers. I'm a sucker for silently pining and loving your straight best friend, because it's better than not having them in your life at all. Throwing in that your best friend is getting married to a woman, who is very perceptive and can see clearly what your best friend has been missing, please hold: I'm getting my popcorn.

If you dislike reading about cheating in any form (emotional cheating and physical cheating), then perhaps this book will turn you off. Just be forewarned.

Marley's writing steadily flow smooth as she breaks our hearts and puts it back together. She also put in a bit of a plot twist and puts us in a frustrated tizzy. But all's well that ends well.

This story is full of feels. The up's the down's, the push and pull. That's life though, and that's what makes this book so good. It makes us feel: aches, smiles, hope, love and all.

Side note: As a photographer, the visual art that is the cover is amazing! More so because I found out that the couple on the cover are real-life married couple who are not actually book cover models. I love stories like this!

My Rating:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ aching stars


From USA Today bestselling author Marley Valentine comes an all new emotional, friends-to lovers gay romance standalone.

I couldn’t tell you when I fell in love with Gael Herrera, but I wish I knew how to make it stop.

Falling in love with a straight man is a rookie mistake. But falling in love with my soon-to-be-married-to-a-woman best friend is nothing but heartache.

Through all the years, and all the men I’ve fooled around with, he’s always been at the back of my mind. An unrequited crush I wish I could shake. A dream that was never going to come true.

When I whisk him off to a surprise bachelor party weekend in Vegas, I surrender to the idea that this is an opportunity for me to finally let go of my feelings for him and say goodbye. But after a heated exchange and an even hotter kiss, everything I thought I knew about our friendship changed. Maybe I had it wrong. Maybe, after all this time, we were more than best friends. Maybe, just maybe, he felt it too.

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