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ARC Review: About Last Knight by Michaela Cole

ARC provided by Michaela Cole

Available this August 31, 2021

My Thoughts:

I’m currently on a reading new-to-me-MM-romance-authors streak and so far, I’ve been lucky to fall in love with their books.

Let me tell you about my latest read: About Last Knight. It’s a debut novel by Michaela Cole. One word about this book : FEELS!!!

About Last Knight is a beautiful coming of age story, it’s very well-written. Definitely not YA, the level of heat is meant for MM romance readers. It’s a story about two flawed young men who are finding their way into the next chapter of their lives, navigating through early adulthood while shedding the heavy weight of a tragic past, finding light and positivity in every way they can and not giving up on the ones who’ve made a home in their heart. They remind us the joys and tribulations of when we were that young and our aversion in communication and the ramifications of being too stubborn to do so.. thank goodness for well-meaning friends and second chances.

At a glance, ALK looks like a sports romance. But really, it’s more like a missed connection, one-sided enemies to lovers, second chance, coming of age story with slow burn thanks to Ryne, one cinnamon roll wrapped in a grizzly bear’s demeanor main character. Luckily, his other half, Dacen, has a patience of a saint on top of his black belt in sass and sarcasm.

Ryne and Dacen, made me struggle with their names first, specially Dacen. Thank goodness Dacen eventually sounded his nam: It’s like Jason but Dacen. I’d like to call him A Dimpled Ray of Sunshine, myself. His struggle with anxiety is something I can totally relate with.

Then we have Ryne, oh sweet sweet Ryne, but you’d want to keep that to yourself because this sweet cinnamon roll, is a hot, stoic, brooding, what-are-these-feelings personified. Emotionally closed off like Fort Knox, but really, his fear of abandonment and rejection is something we all can relate.

These two initially met at a Soccer Summer Camp and seemed like they hit it off, in a Ryne & Dacen style but something happened and that’s something we discover as we go along the story.

I forgot how angsty coming of age books can be. All the hormones, the teenage angst and indescribable emotions coupled with sheer stubbornness. I got reminded of how dramatic and how brutal we, royal we, were back in high school.

I enjoyed how Michaela weaves their story, with flashbacks and present times narrative. She gives us details and makes us want to find out more… plus she “tortures” us with the slow burn, the roller coaster ride of emotions, the constant push and pull and the pay off is worth it. Ms Cole managed to pull the whole thing off without discouraging me.

This book has a lot of characters, the secondary ones are just as important as the main characters and it’s great to see that their personalities are so distinct, they individually stand out. That’s a good thing because this is a series and each of the “Four Horsemen“ are getting a book.

This might be a debut novel for Michaela Cole, but she’s already got me hooked, I want to know more about the Ryne’s friends. She did an excellent job with this one and I absolutely cannot wait for the next ones in the series.

And one more thing, I’d like to acknowledge how beautiful the cover is! I hope she’ll offer signed paperback because I want one on my shelf and on my bookstagram!

My Rating:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five Sizzling Stars

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