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Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. 
My name is April I was born and raised under the Philippine tropical sunshine, currently living my best life in Southern Maryland.

I'm also a dog mom, yes it's a thing. I have four little furry dragons.

When I'm not working at my full time job, you can find me at home reading or broadcasting or if it's a beautiful day, I might be on a little road trip taking photos that help inspire me.

I host a radio show, April On Air, at Phoenix Six Three Radio.

I'll be co-hosting an upcoming radio show/podcast with fellow Phoenix Six Three Radio DJ, DJ Paulie called "The April and Paulie Show"

I also have a channel on Twitch TV where I talk about the books I read. (link to follow)

Be sure to check on the April On Air link for updates.

I'm an avid reader.
It's always been a thing with me since I was a kid.

For a few years now, I've been reading and reviewing almost exclusively Gay Romance books (M/M genre) and a few LGBTQ YA/New Adult reads.
I've been reading a lot of indie authors' work. 

I'm also a frequent audiobook listener of the same genre. I have a few favorite audiobook narrators.

My favorite tropes to read are friends-to-lovers, second chances and law enforcement characters.

april on air

reads and listens




Apparently, this needs to be said.

I get ARCs from a lot of indie authors and services.
My reviews are my own personal thoughts and feelings. They're honest and are not influenced whatsoever by the authors, the narrators, the publishing company or society's demands.
I strive to put all my thoughts in written words, but it's a struggle sometimes, specially when I'm hangry. 
This is where my audio reviews on my Twitch Channel comes in. That's my safe space to talk about the books I've read and how they make me feel.

100 percent all April.

arc team

I'm very lucky to be part these teams :

I'm also Mia Monroe's personal beta live reader! Lol. Once in a great while, I get for-review audiobook codes from authors. Most of them are indie/self-pubbed authors so I know how important reviews are for them. I love to help spread the word however I can.
If you know me in person, you know I talk about the books I read and listen too.